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Find fun activities in the Bay Area

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Foundoff shows you videos of fun things you can do now in the Bay Area.
It only displays activities that are currently open and don't require reservations.
It even takes the travel time between you and each activity into account to ensure that they will still be open when you arrive.
You can get Google Maps directions to any activity by clicking the "GO" button.

The activity shown here is Castello di Amorosa, a castle in the Napa Valley.

Activity Name:

Does this activity require reservations?

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Foundoff only features activities that don't require reservations.

Is it open at least once a week at the same time?

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Foundoff only includes activities with regularly scheduled hours.

Is it a restaurant, store, theater, or mall?

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Foundoff only includes these places if they're hosting an activity.

Do you want to submit photos or videos of the activity? (Optional)

Yes No Click this Dropbox link to upload your photos/videos.
(You don't need a Dropbox account to participate.)

Instructions: Upload 1-3 pictures or <1 minute of video.
Videos must be vertical.

By uploading, you grant Foundoff permission to edit and display your photos and videos.

A screenshot of Foundoff's browser extension.

Foundoff's browser extension lets you block addictive websites.
If you try to visit a blocked site, the extension shows you fun offline activities instead.
The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox.
Hi! My name is Will Mattei.
I created Foundoff to help people have fun offline.
You can email me at